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  • Unless specifically included in your annual contract or listed on your quote prices are for parts only and do not include labour charges.
  • Planned Maintenance Reports are valid for 30 days after issued to you, as part prices may vary and equipment status may change significantly due to daily use.
  • In Planned Maintenance Reports the parts prices can vary +/- 10% due to Freight or Exchange Rate related issues.
  • Our service technicians have no way of knowing a unit's warranty information while doing Planned Maintenance. You can send us a separate email requesting we check the purchase date and warranty information. If the unit is still under warranty we will remove the unit from the PM Service and treat it as a warranty claim.
  • The Planned Maintenance Report provides estimates for OEM Parts only. If you request the fixes to be done with Non-OEM parts, you might void the warranty (if applicable) and the service might also be considered a billable repair.
  • Please refer to your Planned Maintenance Contract when questioning service call charges as service for some units may not be covered based on your contract.
  • If labour estimates are provided in your Planned Maintenance Report, please remember, they are estimates only and are subject to change.